APEIRO PERFORMANCE was founded for one simple reason:
to create the best environment for both our members and fitness professionals.

We are here to revolutionise the fitness and wellness industry.

We want to help our trainers and instructors build fulfilling and rewarding careers in fitness.
One that lets them share their passion and experiences, and empower our members to be the best version of themselves.


Our goal is to give our members a tangible return on their investment – by delivering transformative results in health and fitness.

Our team of experienced fitness professionals, from personal trainers, physiotherapists and sports massage therapists,
are dedicated to guiding and supporting you to get faster, safer and more effective results. And help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals.


Warm wishes and a happy new year to you and your family!

The APEIRO PERFORMANCE team is grateful for your continued support. As we move into 2021, the new APEIRO PERFORMANCE management team will be announcing a few important changes to serve you better.

In August 2020, a video was found to be circulating on what appears to be inappropriate behaviour on the part of a freelance personal trainer who was utilising our gym facilities. The freelance personal trainer was not engaged as an employee of APEIRO PERFORMANCE. He was a freelancer utilising our gym premises to conduct his own personal training sessions with his clients. He has since not been permitted to utilise and conduct any personal training sessions on our gym premises. As the safety of our clients and quality of personal training are most important, APEIRO PERFORMANCE will implement the following changes:

  1. All freelance trainer packages will cease by 1 April 2021. All existing packages will continue to run until they expire. APEIRO PERFORMANCE will not sell any new freelance trainer packages. Our staff will in the meantime exercise more stringent oversight over all existing freelance trainers. Swift action will be taken against any freelance trainer found to have engaged in inappropriate conduct.
  2. With effect from 1 April 2021, only in-house trainers may use the APEIRO gym. A panel of professional fitness trainers on top of our existing personal trainers will be invited to come onboard as business partners under our new APEIRO Business Partner Programme. Unlike under a freelance trainer regime, all in-house trainers will be APEIRO PERFORMANCE employees and stringently regulated under our Code of Conduct. You may look forward to selecting from a panel of established fitness professionals for your personal training sessions.


Please feel free to reach out to us at enquiries@apeiroperformance.asia if you have any further queries or clarifications.
APEIRO PERFORMANCE is committed to creating to a safe space for all to exercise.
We are grateful for all of your continued support, and wish you a healthy year ahead.


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